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Orange Acai Smoothie Bowl

Deliciously fruity and creamy, this easy-to-make smoothie will keep your taste buds happy and your body healthy. That’s because it’s also full of superfoods to alkalize, energize and strengthen immunity.

Orange Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe

1 pack frozen Acai (100g or 3.5oz)
¾ cup of fresh squeezed organic orange juice
¼ cup fresh or frozen organic blueberries
½ ripe sliced banana
1 scoop Super Green Juice powderSuper Green Juice


Fresh orange slices
½ ripe banana (sliced)
¼ cup organic blueberries
Shredded organic coconut


Blend all smoothie ingredients, adjusting amount of OJ based on whether all fruit is frozen or fresh (aim for a super thick smoothie). Fill your bowl, add toppings and enjoy!

The Good Inside

Acai berries are full of antioxidants called anthocyanins which support heart health. It also has natural vitamin C and ellagic acid for immunity. Banana adds a smooth creamy texture, a hint of sweetness, and a bump of potassium to replenish minerals.

Fresh squeezed orange juice hits the taste buds just right while giving you an extra boost of vitamin C for immunity. Oranges are also a great source of plant-based calcium (55 mg per orange) for heart health.

Super Green Juice powder provides organic superfoods full of natural vitamins and minerals in every scoop. You also get 3 g of heart-healthy fiber and 45 mg of plant-based calcium to support the heart.

Have fun by adding your favorite heart-healthy foods as toppings. Then sit back and dig in to this delicious treat!